I’m gathering stories to be used in a book for parents on talking to girls about sex. A common theme I have found in chatting with young women is confusion about sex and gender roles and how to reconcile the conflicting messages of church and culture.

I invite you to join the conversation here at Chick Chat.

To begin the chatting, I’m looking for stories on how you first learned about sex.

Your story might include details about:

  • What I learned from my parents about sex
  • What I learned from my friends about sex
  • What I learned from my church about sex
  • What I learned from the media about sex

Here’s the privacy details:

  • You may leave contact info blank and post anonymously.
  • You may choose to identify yourself and give as much contact information as you feel comfortable.
  • All identifying information on this story gathering post will remain accessible only to the blog owner and managers.
  • Excerpts from stories may be featured on this site and in the book.
  • You may be contacted for more stories if you provide contact information and we are interested in hearing more.

Click here to go to the stories submission form.


1 Comment

  • 1. Elizabeth Chapin  |  December 12, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    Thanks to all who have contributed stories here! I will be posting excerpts soon…

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