Heart Cry: The Courage to Confess

June 19, 2013 at 9:08 pm

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Elizabeth Chapin ~ ChapinChick

The secret she was keeping welled up into tears. “Mom, I have something I need to tell you.” Most of the time she didn’t have the opportunity to keep secrets – somehow, she always got caught. Yet, this one thing – this one really important thing – she managed to keep hidden for months. But she couldn’t keep it hidden any longer. Her confession came just days after I got offered a contract to write a book. In the midst of her confession, the truth came out – she was afraid that what she had done would ruin my reputation as an author and kill my book deal. My heart broke, and the tears that had been welling up in her eyes came pouring out of mine.

One thing I wanted to be certain of as a parent was to distinguish between poor choices, bad behavior and “being bad.” So…

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